Monday, June 25, 2007

Family BBQ

So Ben had this idea that we should have a underwater family just really didnt turn out the greatest but hey its the first time Shelly has put her head under the water for 30 years!!!

Me and Ben

Well dad tried to take a picutre of us underwater but it didnt turn out very well due to the fact that we are almost not in the picture.



Oh yes I know I am very hard core when it comes to climbing mountains

So as we were sitting out apt talking about what food we could eat next the idea came to our minds....hey maybe instead of eating every hour we should go on a hike. So on a hike we fact we decided to climb a mountain.

Then after we climbed a mountain we decided we should go on a 16 mile bike ride. Lets just say this is the most active Cynda has been in a very long time.

A trip would not be complete until you saw a giant potatoe you could climb and sit on. While we were taking this picture the lady told us that instead of being the Bud girls we were the spud girls...... this made me laugh really hard.

Eating dinner at good ole' Johnnys