Sunday, May 3, 2009


As I think of summer the words of HSM entered my mind "summer....sUmMeR.....SUMMER." (Ben just informed me that I needed to put the last summer in all capital letters because they get louder as they go on.) I just love the summer mostly because it finally gets warm and you can go to the beach. Last weekend summer weather hit so we went to the beach. The beaches are so different than the ones in California but I love them. You have the normal sand on the beach but then next to the sandy beach is a park with big trees and grass. So you can have a bbq on the grill in the park and then walk to the beach once you are done. All in all it was an amazing weekend that we did not want to end.

All the guys playing bocci


Sabbeth Day Picnic

Some of the girls

Our HSM Jump