Monday, June 22, 2009


So a couple of weeks ago I made a little trip to Vegas to see my family. It started when my brother picked me up at the airport late Tuesday night. The next morning I woke up and borrowed his car and drove to Richfield, Utah, to see my grandparents. I spent a couple of days there and then headed back down to Vegas to meet my parents, Erin, and Warren. When I got there my parents and I took Bella and Sophie to the park. So can I just say Bella and Sophie had gotten so big since the last time I saw them. Sophie is the happiest baby ever and just so cute. So for the weekend the whole fam was there and it was so much fun. It was sad to say goodbye to my parents and Erin on Sunday but I was happy I was staying a couple more days to hang out with Nate, Stacie, and the girls. It was so much fun going to Bella's swimming lessons, going to the library, and playing scrabble with Stacie (we tend to do this every time we are together, I don't really know why).

Walking up hill holding a 2 year old.....very exhausting.

In love with Bella's head tilt.

All the girls minus Stacie.

At the park with Sophie and Bella

Bella and my mom playing on the slide.

The Fam plus Warren minus Ben

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


First of all I am just wondering why libraries still have typewriters. Does anyone really use them anymore?
Secondly I would like this experience with you. So I am sitting in the library today studying for school when these 2 ten-year-old girls come and sit next to me where typewriters are sitting. Then they decide it would be fun to play on the typewriters. Now you may not know this but typewriters are really loud. Like annoyingly loud. They type on these typewriters and giggle for like 30 min. It is taking every ounce of me not to say anything. Finally they leave and I can focus on my hw. But then a study group sits right behind me. Then the ten-year-olds come back. Lets just say I lasted about another 10 min and left.