Monday, September 15, 2008

The Trek to the East

So Ben and I have finally made it to Connecticut. CRAZY!!! We had to get little Gus Gus out here so we made the long drive. But I must say it was not too bad of a drive because we spread it over a week long period and I never drove once. We first started out our little vaca at Mt. Rushmore. Which I must say was cool but not really that cool. Then we went to Minnesota to see Kim and the girls. It was so much fun seeing them. Then we went to Nauvoo for 2 days. Another place I would say you have to go to. Then after that we went to Chicago and had Chicago pizza; which was quite good. Then I think we stopped in Ohio and then we got to Connecticut. So we had quite a few stops which was nice since it broke up the drive.

I will put some pics of our apt very soon. We are very close to being moved in. But I must say so far I really like this place.