Thursday, December 3, 2009

Parents: Round 2

Once again I am making a post about a month late. One day I will get better at this whole blogging thing.  Well the day after my parents left Ben's parents came to visit us.  We drove down to D.C. to pick them up.  We spent about 5 days in D.C. It was so much fun to spend so much time there.  There are so many things to see D.C. and I thought we could see them all in 5 days but sadly no. After spending so many days there it made me want to go back even more.

Ben at the Air and Space Museum. We went on a guided tour here and I have to say it was the best tour guide I have ever seen. I left feeling like I could ask this guy anything and he would know.

We stopped by the Washington D.C. temple


Mount Vernon.

After we left D.C. we drove back to Connecticut but stopped at Gettysburg on our way.

Our next stop was the city.  Us with Ben's parents on the Brooklyn Bridge.

And of course the trip would not be complete unless we stopped by Stew Leonards.  This World's largest pumpkin that they had there.

So I know it looks like we went on the trip mostly by ourselves but I promise Ben's parents were with us the whole time. We are not the greatest at taking group shots.