Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Parents Came

This is quite a bit late (about a month) but I thought I might as well still make a post about it.  So my parents came out here in the beginning of October to see the New England Fall.  We drove up through Connecticut and up to New Hampshire and Massuchusetts. It was the perfect time and the leaves were gourgeous.  Then to finish off the trip we met Erin and Warren in NYC for a couple of days. It was so much to see almost my whole fam and spend so much time with them.

This is Lake Winnipesaukee, which we thought is where "What About Bob" was filmed but later found out it was filmed in Canada. Ben was quite upset about his revelation.

The parentols by the covered bridge

Mom and I apple picking. So much fun.


Ben, me, Erin, and Warren on the Brooklyn Bridge

The girls on the subway

Blue Man group was amazing. Seriously loved it even though I was so nervous they were going to try to bring me up on stage.

Me and padre in CT