Thursday, January 21, 2010

Christmas in California

So I might be adding posts in reverse order. Anyway, Ben and I went to California for Christmas this year. We only were in Bako for just enough time to throw Erin a bridal shower. After the festivities we headed down to a beach house in Newport for about a week. The house was seriously amazing. Our balcony had a perfect view of the ocean. So let’s just say after spending a week on the beach we did not want to leave.

Sophie is seriously darling. I am kinda obsessed with her.

Bella reading her note from Santa. She was so excited.

The girls at the bridal shower.  I don't have a lot of pictues yet. But I have to say all the deocrations turned out so good. Stacie should serioulsy be a party planner.

Everyone at the shower.

Please notice Ben's impeccable posture.

As you can tell Ben was really exicted to be at the beach.

The fam after Erin went through the temple.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Last weekend Ben and I flew to California for the weekend for Erin and Warren's wedding.  It was a very quick trip but I enjoyed every second of it.  We took a red eye flight on Thursday night and got to LA around midnight.  It took FOREVER to get our rental car so I did not make it to the hotel where Erin was having her bachelorette party till like 2am.  Once I got there everyone was going to bed but it was still fun.  The next day was the day before the wedding. So as expected Erin, Stacie, Bella, and I went to go and get manis and pedis.  Right after that we had a family dinner on Erin's roof in Huntington.  It was seriously so cute and the food was amazing.

All the girls

The rooftop

 The Fam

The happy couple

The next day was the wedding and reception.  Everything turned out so beautiful including Erin.  Her dress was seriously amazing.  I still cannot believe Erin got married last weekend.

Coming out of the Temple


The Fam

The girls

I think this is my fav pic

The tables at the recpetion. I wish I had more pictures of the room. It was stunning.

Their first dance

Outside the reception