Monday, July 26, 2010

4th of July

Yes I know this is late. But we went to Kentucky for the 4th of July this year to visit Nate, Stacie, and the girls. Can I just say after this visit I want to move to Kentucky. It is seriously beautiful there. There are rolling green hills, horse farms, and open land (one thing I miss living in CT). It was so much fun spending time with Nate's family and to take a little 12 hour road trip with Ben.

So as you can I was a little nervous to get too close to any of the horses.

But of course he had no fear.

One of the horse farms around Nate's house.

Seriously love this girl.

We had bought a bunch of sparklers to take with us so Ben had fun lighting them for all the kids.


Sophie was terrified of all the fireworks so I think this is the only picutre I got of her before she retreated to the car.