Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Golden Birthday

Let me just start by saying this is over a month late. But hey better late than never. Right??

This year I turned 23 on the 23rd hence the title My Golden Birthday. So Ben asked me if I wanted to have a party and told him it would be fun to have a small get together. But once we started inviting people we realized that it was not a small get together. We ended up renting a common room in one of our friend's apartment buildings so we could all fit. It was seriously a blast. But I must say the highlight of the night was the cake Ben made for me.

Now this cake has quite a story to it. So let me begin. Now I am not sure if you all know but Ben loves to cook. He has always made me great birthday cakes. This year's cake was amazing. Let me give you a breakdown in order of its layers. Chocolate cake...Cheesecake....Chocolate cake....Chocolate Gnash....Chocolate cake. Then over the whole cake was homemade chocolate frosting. I hope you all followed that long explanation and can just imagine how amazing this cake was. Now the story begins. Ben and I were trying to load everything in the car quickly to take over to the party. Ben took the cake down to the car and set it on his seat so he can run upstairs to grab more stuff. We both go back upstairs one more time to get the last items. When we get back downstairs our landlady was outside and Ben started talking to her while we are getting into the car. He opened his car door and was saying goodbye and then WHAM he sat down on right on the cake. While this was happening I of course let out a scream and tried to stop him but I was too late. I saw the whole thing happen and couldn't stop it. Luckily he did not completely sit down due to my scream so only half of the cake got smashed. Please see photo below. Now many emotions were running through us at this moment.....shock....sadness....laughing hysterically.

Now don't worry we had some friends pick up a new cake so we didn't have to serve everyone cake that Ben sat on. But then as I was showing everyone the cake they all thought it looked delish so we ended up just cutting off the piece Ben sat on and ate the rest. And let me tell you it was AMAZING. I don't know how I got so lucky that I have a husband that will spend 8 hours on a birthday cake.

This is right after he sat on the cake.  Sadly we didn't get a picture before the disaster hit.

When they came out they brought the mangled cake and instead of writing happy birthday he wrote happy "butt"day.

The Reenactment

I was really bad at taking pictures and I actually stole these from Kristin so sorry for the lack of pictures.