Friday, March 27, 2009

Birthday Weekend

Shelly and I in NYC
Tod's Point in CT

The amazing breakfast Ben made for my birthday

So all I have to say is that it was so much fun having my mom out here this past weekend. Let's do a little recap. I picked her up from the White Plains airport (so happy I didn't have to drive to JFK or LGA) on Thursday and then we went shopping. We went to this huge mall in White Plains. I loved it. The next day Ben got to work from home (which was nice because I was going to have to take him to work in the morning and then drive back home since we only have one car). My mom and I went and got pedicures from a place down the street (totally want to go again since it is so close). Which was amazing and badly needed. We also made some bows for my hair. I kinda felt like I should be making bows for a child or something but nope just me. Saturday I woke up to Ben making me breakfast. Now you may not know but Ben loves to cook. And he is also into the presentation of his food. He made me apple and pear crepes which were amazing. But I think the best part was his presentation. He seriously amazes me. After breakfast we went into the city to see Little Mermaid. They all wore rollerblades so it made them look like they were swimming. It was so different and I LOVED IT. Then on Sunday my mom made me a birthday dinner which consisted of: ham, twice baked potatoes, rolls, and pretzel jello. All I can say is that Ben and I have been eating left overs all week long. So nice. Then sadly I had to take her to the airport Monday afternoon. It was so sad to see her go but before she left I bought my mom and dad tickets to come in October so I am already looking forward to that. Oh and I cut three inches off my hair on Tuesday.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Surprise Birthday Party

Last night Ben and I were headed over to the Jensons to play some games. This is a normal occurrence so I didn't think much of it. So Ben and I got there and I am trying to go to the door we usually go in and Ben tells me we should go to the door upstairs. So we are half way up the stairs and then he tells me we should go to the other one. So we walk back down the stairs to the other door. We wait a little longer and then Mike finally gets there and lets us in. We get to their apartment and Mike opens the door and then moves aside so I can go first and once I walk in I was greeted with people yelling surprise and singing happy birthday. I seriously had no idea. But it gets better. I look around and see there is some reoccurring theme in the decorations. It is no other but a HSM (High School Musical for those who may not know) party. There was a HSM table cloth on the table, yellow and red streamers all over, cupcakes that were decorated HSM, and HSM 3 was playing in the background. It was seriously all decked out. Yes I do know that I turned 22 but a HSM party is totally still respectable for someone of my age. Now to get back to why Ben was making me walk up random stairs and back down. Little did I know the Moffits were running late and they got there the same time as Ben and I. So Ben had to stall me a little so they could get in. While Ben and I were standing at the door downstairs (after walking half way up the stairs to only walk back down) I saw some girl running on the street but didn't think much of it. Later I found out that was Ami running so we would not see her. But Aubri and Kristin are seriously amazing for throwing me a surprise party. I loved it and we even played Nertz for a little while. And I must just say that Kristin and I totally won. After Nertz we ended up playing 4 games of "Acquire" (a game in which the Moffits, Stokes, Jensons and us are obsessed with) which did not end till about 3 am. Sadly I never won but I was close. Overall, all I can say is that you guys are amazing and thank you so much for throwing me an amazing party. I would post some pictures but I do not have any yet but I will post them once I get them.

Weekend in the City

Last weekend the Moffits, Jensons, Stokes, and us decided we would have a girls night and a boys night. So the girls went to the Stokes' apartment and the boys to the Jensons. The girls just talked all night while the boys played Risk and Acquire all night long. The next day we all went into the city and went to The Museum of Natural History. Given no one really slept the night before we were all really tired but it was really fun. After the Museum we went out to dinner and then went back to Grand Central and got some Juniors Cheesecake before getting back on the train. We all got different kinds so we could try everything but I must say the chocolate mousse is still my favorite. While on the train Mike and Kristin fell asleep so Jared thought it was the perfect time to pull a prank of them. The idea was that all of us should move seats and sit behind them and then convince the train conductor to tell them that they missed their stop and that we had just left them on the train. All I can say is that the train conductor was seriously amazing and we got the Jensons really good. I am so happy that Jared filmed the whole thing so we can watch their reactions over and over again. Overall, it was such a fun weekend in the city.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Greatest Creation

Yes, this post is about food. One thing that I now do is rave about food. Ben's family is full of ravers and I think it is starting to rub off. In case you didn't know Ben and I love to cook. We especially like to try to cook new things. To give a little background on the greatest creation: On our way out east we stopped in Minnesota to see Kim, Drew, and the girls. While we were there they took us out to this Italian place that had the most amazing food. Ben and I both got manicotti that was made in crepes instead of shells and it had not only marinara sauce but alfredo sauce too. It was seriously divine. Ever since then Ben and I talk about that meal and how we should make it. Then the other day I was looking in the cookbook to find something new to have for dinner that week and I saw manicotti and instantly thought of the place in Minnesota. So we decided to recreate it and it turned out amazing. Thank you Memmotts for introducing us to our fav meal.