Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Poor Little Gus Gus

Ok so little Gus Gus has had a really hard life this past couple of months. So in December Ben and I were in the mall parking lot in Idaho Falls about to park until this massive truck started backing up....we honked and tried to reverse but both did not work and his huge hitch receiver went right into little Gus Gus's front bumper. See picture below:

Then last week Ben was at Broulmins and when he came out little Gus Gus had been hit again. Honestly, what are the odds. Getting hit twice in about 3 months. Luckily this one was not bad and the guy left a note on our car telling us that he hit us. But still

Monday, February 18, 2008

Island Park

So me and Ben went snow-shoeing over the frozen lake. It was really fun.

This is the back of the cabin. It is seriously so pretty.

And then the front. Once again the amounts of snow is just amazing.

The sunset behind the cabin.

So we made a snow cave this weekend. I had no idea these things even existed. But i must say I was a little nervous when I was inside in fear that it would just cave in on me. Luckily it never did.

So this weekend me and Ben went up to his cabin in Island Park to relax and see his family. All I have to say is that I did not want to leave. It was so much fun.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Idaho Open House

Me and Ben with Holly and Sophie

The whole Johnson Family (minus the 2 on the way(and no one is not mine))
Me and Ben

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


This is outside our apartment. The snow is so deep that is covers the first 4 steps.
This is the car next to us this morning in our apartment complex.
Look at this tower of snow outside this person's house in their front yard. This is just down the street from us.
One of the many huge piles of snow that we have in every parking lot imaginable.

Ok so I know it snows in Rexburg but seriously this year is the worst I have ever seen. Last night it snowed a foot alone. Little Gus Gus could not even get out of the parking spot this morning because the snow was so deep. Luckily a snow plower came into our apt complex this morning because if not we would have to push Gus Gus out everyday. The sad thing is that in the 10 day forecast there are 3 days that are partly sunny and the other 7 is snow. Then today there is a high wind advisory and if it does blow tonight we are going to have major drifts. Not excited for that. I hope you enjoy theses pictures I took them all this morning. It is crazy here right now. Last week it was so cold here one day in the middle of the afternoon is was at least -15. But during the night it was -22. School was canceled but of course BYU-I was not.
Well I hope you all enjoy these wonderful pictures that we took.